Larger fonts and icon choices

This is a cool thing!
I'm trying to use this on a PIPO X8 as a dedicated CarPC. I've tried playing with the DPI of the device (Default 160) but the screen does not like the result, with black bands on the edges.
on a 7" screen this is too small really for the buttons and maps display. Can you force the choice of a larger font and icon set by user choice? Automate and maps look just fabulous for a CarPC at 360DPI


  • With regards to the labels in maps, it's not possible to change the size. This is a limitation of the Google Maps API being used. However, you can try changing the font size globally in Android settings > Accessibility > Larger text. I'll see what I can do about the buttons.
  • I'd just like to second the suggestion for an option to increase the button size.

    In my case, I'd specifically like the 5 app buttons at the bottom of the screen to be about twice as big as they are (as an option). When driving, big bold buttons are easier to tap without having to really look at the phone.
  • Thanks for the feedback @saltorio, this is a planned feature. 
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