OBD screen

Sorry if I'm asking for something that is already documented, I couldn't find an answer to this...
Is it possible to add another source(?) to the diagnostics screen? I have my own interface to the car so I can pull out whatever data I fancy, but I'm wondering if it's possible to have a screen like the Torque screen with my custom source... If that makes any sense at all! 
The intention is to replace the some of the functionality of the existing computer/display in the car which shows range, fuel consumption, tire pressure, et cetera. 
Thanks :)


  • Hi James, you can select the dropdown arrow on the Dashboard screen, and choose Torque. It will then launch Torque and return back to AutoMate, and you should be able to see Torque data inside the AutoMate dashboard. 
  • Hi. 
    Sorry, I don't think my intention was clear; can we make a custom display rather than use Torque etc?
  • AutoMate really isn't focused on reading OBD data so I thought it would be better if I let apps like Torque do the heavy lifting. If you can integrate your display with Torque (or any other OBD app), I can see if I'll be able to pull that data into AutoMate. 
  • I wouldn't mind being able to read data from Zubie
  • Unfortunately Zubie doesn't output real time engine diagnostic data (at least, it's not accessible through their APIs). 
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