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Hi everyone. I set an android unit in my car and I tested some launchers. Finally yours is the best so congrats! 

But as you know there are some things to improve. One of them is a basic connection with the mobile phone. As you know, many users install your nice App in a tablet or android car system. For those users as me it would be great to add a "tablet mode" or "android unit mode" so the phone screen connects by bluetooth to the mobile phone to make and receive calls. 

By the moment, I have to switch to my Mazda original system to make and receive phone calls and then change the screen again to return to automate. (Tablet talk and One Touch Connect are not working for me).  Yes my car already has bluetooth connection, but you know, I would like to use all the functionalities of your app.

Thanks for the support. 


  • About this topic: On my android unit I have an app (not in the App Store) similar to a dialer App but with phone connection. It connects by bluetooth to the phone and make calls (not sure if it receives calls). 

    So the question is: how can I make Automate to go to that app instead of Hangouts or Tablet Talk to make a call? That would be a solution for me. 
  • Hi @lezaun, 

    Thanks for your feedback. Are there any existing apps on the market that can launch a call from your phone to your head unit, that's not the one that comes pre-installed on your head unit? 
  • I would love to have an setting to switch the default "phone" tab of the app, with a tab which should contain a bluetooth connected phone, this is the only thing this app is missing, think about it, if you fully integrate a tablet in dash and leave it there, you'll never use it's own "phone" application, actually in my country I have an internet only sim, without voice service.

    I might even consider donating extra for such a feature, and many other would do as well.

    @lzaun, can you share the app you're using right now for connecting a phone by bluetooth to the tablet ?

    Looking forward.
  • One feature I plan to introduce in a future update is to be able to control the 5 buttons on the bottom menu, and have an option to launch an app of your own choosing. 
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